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Our Inspiration….
‘Swadeshepujyate raja, vidyansarvatrapujyate’

       Our Mission…  
‘Education….a noble service
seekers to the nation’
    Our Vision….
‘Nurturing the future
of the millennium’

VSPK International School, Jaipur is a premier educational institution that was set up in 2017 with the noble vision of grooming future citizens of global society with highest standards of excellence and ideals through innovative learning experiences that not just imbibe but try to influence the latest global trends in pedagogy and curriculum. Inspired by the lofty ideals and perseverant dedication of the highly committed Chairman, Sh. SK Gupta ji and the extremely caring Manager, Ms. Pramila Gupta and the valuable contribution of the dynamic directors, Mr. Kapil Gupta and Mr. Pankaj Gupta, the school continues to provide holistic educational experiences that maintain a judicious balance between academics and sports, arts and vocational training to train the mind, body and soul to grow towards optimum performance that ensures self-progress that facilitates collective growth. At VSPK, the students are provided training as per their individual need and aptitude so that each child is able to grow to achieve his optimum potential. Multi layered training facilities that include art, craft, dance, music, skating, swimming taekwondo apart from various sporting activities like cricket, basketball, football, badminton, tennis etc ensure that the learning process remains child friendly and efficiently entertaining.
The schools infrastructure is adapted to match the best institutions across the world. Thus all classrooms are equipped with smart systems like digital classes and teachers are advised to use technological aids to enhance the level of comprehension of the textual content with efforts to take learning beyond the book towards a real life application oriented approach to teaching learning process. The students are provided opportunity to showcase their skill and potential through inter house, inter school competitions, Zonal state and national level competitions. Through workshops and excursions , the students are given preparation to meet the real life challenges with vigour , vitality and fortitude .Since the name itself symbolizes the core values , the students are groomed to be mentally vigilant , sincere in efforts, perseverant in attitude and proficient in knowledge .The well equipped science, maths,  geography , computer and language labs ensure that the educational methodology focuses on practical skill that would help them achieve success in their career pursuits. The aim of Moral and character development is embedded in the educational training that prepares millennials. Since training of mind and spirit is essential for developing a wholesome personality and shaping responsible behaviors, practices of Yoga and Meditation along with celebration of all national and religious festivals are a part of VSPK'S spiritual and cultural ethos. The students are regularly engaged in community service programs and charitable endeavors so that they grow up to be productive members of society. Whether it is Environment preservation or Social awareness, the members of VSPK family give their maximum participation , under the able guidance of the School Principal, Dr. Shilpi Singh leading the highly erudite facility to work towards the realization of the Cherished dream of the honorable founding father who saw VSPK emerge as a leader in the field of education, setting an example of promoting service motive among future generations of 21st century equipped with adequate potential to give substantial contribution to the growth of humanitarian spirit and respect for differences. The institution gives high priority towards improving English language proficiency while maintaining the respect that each student must give to his own language and culture. Thus ,VSPK is striving to strike a harmonious balance between science and spiritualism, traditional values and technological advancement, globalized outlook and nationalist spirit by training the mind to assimilate noble ideals with a rationalized scientific temper .The vision of the pragmatic and progressive management is to lead by example to build an institution where the educational journey of a child is enriching, exciting, experimental and enjoyable and where each day is spent in making one better than before founded under the aegis of Giriraj Educational and Welfare Society. The institution organizes domestic and International trips as part of Cultural exchange program. The students are encouraged to participate in MUN session so that they develop ability and attitude to bring the desired reform in global society. The institution arranges workshops and seminars through which the facilitators can develop a better insight into the educational requirements of students who will be facing stiff competition and challenges in the fast changing world. The experiential learning program is made productive be a rightful blend of value Education and Vocational training.  
Thus, developing responsible citizenship, scientific temper and an inclination for service to society is the motive behind educational training provided to all VSPKians.


Our Goal…..
‘Launching International Citizens’

The vision of VSPK International School is to make quality the defining element of education of the students and set the standards for quality education. We are committed to creating and sustaining the conditions that enable all VSPKians to experience an unparalleled educational journey that is intellectually, socially, and personally transformative. 
The mission of VSPK International School is to educate the citizens and citizen-leaders for our society. We do this through  our commitment to the new ideas, new ways of understanding, and new ways of knowing students embark on a journey of intellectual transformation is depend and conditions for social transformation are created.    
We envision a quality set-up and a rich, humanistic pedagogic and scholar-friendly ambience to make teaching – learning easy, innovative and interesting. We aim to nurture scholars with our single –minded determination and unremitting efforts and help to develop the 3 – dimensional personality of pupils for continuous pursuit of knowledge, commitment to excellence and to cultivate moral and ethical values and a taste for aesthetics.
We hope that students will begin to fashion their lives by gaining a sense of what they want to do with their intellectual abilities and talents, assessing their values and interests, and learning how they can best serve the world.                                 

At VSPK, education is looked upon as a holistic learning experience, helping each child to develop those attributes and qualities of heart, head and hand which will make him/her a self-reliant citizen and a fine human being, socially aware and humanistic, compassionate and kind, having pride in his country and belief in the concept of international brotherhood and peace, a person ready to work as an agency of change from building a more socially just and equitable society.
The concept of international understanding and friendship among the children of the world was born almost with VSPK itself. The motto of the school and allied activities are sample proof of it. It has inter oven into the curriculum, the study of relevant topics, exhibitions and projects.         
We are aware that, we have to gradually steer the child from the stage of gathering information, to the stage of assimilation and finally take him to the final stage of utilization of that information. We consider the learning process to be complete when we know that the new information acquired by our learner has been so well integrated that he can utilize it and apply it in any new situation.                             

Our evaluation system is mainly based on Child Observation. We don’t judge by observing, but rather try to get clarity on how we can help him to find solution. We don’t impose any one way of learning but encourage experimentation. Our aim is to develop co-operation in the young learners and create such a conducive learning environment where each and every child feels important and secure.