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Fee Policy & Rules

Last date for payment of fee

The fee must be deposited by the 10th of every following months:
April, July, August, September, October, November, December and January.

Mode of payment
We strongly support the cashless initiative and prefer the fees be paid by electronic means. Currently, the fees can be paid at:
ICICI Bank   
At the school’s fee counter.

Late fee charges
If the fee is not deposited in time, a late fee of Rs. 10 per day, including holidays, will be charged for first five days. Thereafter, a late fee of Rs. 50 per day, including holidays, will be charged.

Re-admission in case of non-payment / late payment
The students will have to re-admit themselves and pay the relevant fee and charges if the fee is not deposited till the end of the month.

Fee once deposited will not be refunded.

In case of withdrawal of student
If a student seeks to leave the school for any reason, a notice of withdrawal will have to be submitted, failing which they will be required to deposit the relevant installment and including any other charges.